The purpose of this group activity is to connect with people while discussing different topics such as: leadership, strengths and weaknesses, communication, health lifestyle choices, and much more while rolling the tire from start to finish. Group sizes are 3 to 6 people only and the group can pick where they would like to roll the tire to and from; using the list of destinations provided. Please be advised that whichever destination is selected, we must go there and come back to where we started. The group will start and park their vehicles at Glennwood Middle School.

Class Cost: $250


  • Downtown Evansville

    Ford Center – 4.2 miles total

    Tropicana – 4.8 miles total

    The riverfront – 4.2 miles total

    *Pick a different location downtown* mile vary

  • The Green Way

    (Riverside to E. Virginia St.) 4.4 miles total

  • Garvin Park

    7.2 miles total

  • Wesselman Park

    7.4 miles total

  • Evansville State Hospital

    7.4 miles total

  • Eastland Mall

    10 miles total

  • Mesker Park Zoo

    10.2 miles total

    Also open to ideas but be mindful of safety

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