Keep Rolling Film

Keep Rolling Trailer

DeAndre Wilson, Executive Producer & Creator and Joshua Sutton, Movie Director & Editor teamed up to create the Keep Rolling: A Story of Health and Legacy Documentary.

This film will raise consciousness to health in the entrepreneurial space while showcasing the legacy of DeAndre‘s father, Curtis E. Wilson life. DeAndre understands what it means to many people to see the “tire” still being rolled around Evansville because of its messaging.

The “tire guy”, known to many Evansville residents, was passed to DeAndre due to his father, Curtis E. Wilson passing away to stage 4 liver cancer. Before Curtis passed away, he did successfully beat colon cancer.

The filming of the documentary took place in Evansville, Indiana over the last 2 years and that footage was consolidated to 43 minutes. In the documentary you will hear about DeAndre health journey also as he discovers himself and the importance of health. DeAndre even sat down with entrepreneurs in their work environment to gain their perspective on different aspects of health while running their business.

From there, DeAndre take us on a journey of the past by sharing his father’s health and entrepreneurial past by showing us old images from a family photo album and videos that individuals had of Curtis when he was rolling the tire.

After DeAndre lost his father due to stage 4 liver cancer it motivated him to take control of his health and to share with everyone that being consistent and dedicated to anything is achievable.