About the Campaigns

For 4 months out of the year, one nonprofit or family will be selected each month. The selection process is simple, contact DeAndre, but DeAndre normally just picks nonprofits at random. The entire month is dedicated to one nonprofit or family at a time. Campaigns can happen outside the five month period, but only by request.

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Current Campaign

The Journey to New Harmony

The Keep Rolling Campaign’s Founder, DeAndre Wilson, will roll the tire 24 miles, from Evansville’s West Side to Black Lodge Coffee Roasters in New Harmony, Indiana. Anyone can participate, rolling the tire for any length, at any-time, between 2AM and 10AM. Individuals need to coordinate their own transportation back from New Harmony or to their car/home after participating. Participants can walk, run, bike, or roll the tire as we make our way to New Harmony. DeAndre Wilson will launch the tire, at 2AM, from the corner of N. St. Joe Ave. and Diamond Ave. with the safety assurance of 2 pace cars, increasing to 3 pace cars at University Parkway, all the way to New Harmony. Anyone planning to participate will need to coordinate their own transportation back to Evansville from New Harmony. Make sure you are dressed for comfortably.

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